10% to an Open Source project

ElePHPants love community!

When we started Open Goodies, the company behind the elePHPant, we wanted to create something meaningfull for the community. This is why we decided to give 10% of our revenue to an Open Source project.

Running a company implies a lot of expense; we have to pay for accounting, logistics, insurances, various taxes and many other things. We have come up with the best price possible but we hope we will get enough revenue to order more elePHPants and work on other cool goodies.

So, if you want to please yourself and help the community, get an elePHant!


TrueNorth PHP Woolly Mammoth Plush Toy

TrueNorth PHP user group launched a successful KickStarter campaign last year that you probably heard of. They managed to fund their PHP Mammoth and we are happy to tell you that it will available very shortly! It is currently on the sea and will get to the Canadian shores in a few.

This will be the first “slightly” different elePHPant and it looks really great!

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The white one is coming!

Confoo, the PHP community event located in Montreal, Canada asked us to produce a white elephpant for their 2016 tradeshow.
It is a lovable creature, pure as snow!
ConFoo is a multi-technology conference for web developers with 150 presentations by popular international speakers, focused on pragmatic solutions for web developers.
If you want one, you have to go there (or find a friend who attends it)!
So not only you will attend a great event but you can go back home with a brand new elephpant!
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ElePHPant birth

Always wondered why PHP has an elephpant as a mascot?

Watch this video from last century to discover how Vincent Pontier, aka El roubio, created this cute little animal.

Get your official Elephpant


Get 10% discount when you buy
50 elePHPant of the same color


Get 16% discount when you buy
100 elePHPant of the same color


pink-elephpant 6326066555_04cd5d0b4f_b9462297735_c08794a754_b

Price : 19.99 € (excl tax)

Size : 80mm x 120mm x 160mm

Quantity :

19.99 €

(excl tax)


blue-elephpant 12051713684_c4cf23e867_o14221273898_4133e79848_o

Price : 19.99 € (excl tax)

Size : 80mm x 120mm x 160mm

Quantity :

19.99 €

(excl tax)



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Don't leave our website before downloading your elePHPant set of logos. Open Goodies offers a comprehensive .zip file with all the elePHPant logos, V3. Once unzipped, you will have the elePHPant logo in several formats that you can use at will, on your website, mobile apps or printed documents: Photoshop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai/eps), web (.png) and even a 3D one (.3ds/.max). This is offered with the blessing of Vincent PONTIER, the elePHPant creator. Happy download and share your love of the elePHPant everywhere !

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